In my experience as a clinical psychologist and therapist that i is always preferable to meet with my clients face to face. This affords us the best opportunity to more accurately feel and read each other's feelings, body language, and mood.

I also have found personal meetings best when clients are experiencing extremely powerful symptoms and are feeling overwhelmed. Therefore, my standard policy is to only engage in face to face psychotherapy with my clients.

That being said, I also recognize that we are living in an extremely fast paced and technologically driven era. So, based on extreme needs, or during an emergency when clients cannot travel to my office, I will offer the option of telepsychology on a case by case basis.

In such instances, I will provide teletherapy via an audio phone call or by interactive video. Clients who receive telepsychological services will be required to sign a separate consent form based on telepsychological standards recommended by the American Psychological Association (APA). Both audio only and video options are available on the HIPAA compliant platform of

If you have scheduled a Telepsychology appointment with me you can join the waiting room for that appointment by clicking the link below: