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I offer a highly personalized, collaborative, and empathetic approach to therapy that is tailored to the individual needs and goals of my clients.  I treat a broad array of client issues and concerns in my practice, including mood disorders, trauma, personality disorders, and the treatment of clients who struggle with alcohol, drug, or other behavioral addictions.

In my experience, life challenges often include cognitive, emotional, spiritual, psychiatric, interpersonal, and societal/cultural elements which all require adequate exploration and attention if the client wishes to fully "heal" and "grow".  I believe there are many different paths to achieving one's personal emotional, psychological, relational, and spiritual goals.

I strongly believe in the notion of "life long learning".  As such, I make ongoing efforts to educate myself and my community regarding the latest empirical and clinical findings associated with substance abuse trends, prevention, and treatment - as well as findings and information associated with other areas of the field that I find interesting and germane.  In order to disseminate this information, I offer periodic educational presentations and workshops to local schools, administrators, and other groups.  Also, by clicking on this LINK you can view the content of my most recent clinical presentation.

I also have a great deal of experience and passion for working with adolescents (high school and older) and young adults.  Their honesty, energy, and inherent need to be seen, heard, and lovingly “contained” never cease to amaze me.

I currently facilitate an insight oriented, depth Therapy Support Group (TSG) for Young Adults (ages 18-28) interested in exploring their experiences, decisions, feelings, and beliefs associated with their use of substances in a warm, supportive, small group environment.

TSG members exhibit a range of experiences and beliefs concerning their use of substances.  For example, while some members have already made the personal decision to abstain from all substances and pursue a Recovery Program of their choosing, other members use the Group to investigate and determine just what their relationship with substances is, and whether or not their pattern or approach to substance use is viable and sustainable given their personal goals, aspirations, and dreams.

In addition to helping Group Members explore topics like defining "problem" vs. "non-problem" use, relapse prevention strategies, and Recovery possibilities, the TSG also assists members explore and address life issues and concerns, family and relational patterns and dynamics, and individual life goals in a positive peer culture.  If you are interested in the TSG please
contact me
to schedule a free evaluation appointment.

I believe that we all possess the innate "answers" to our issues and difficulties but, at times, we need extra help to discover the "keys" to these hidden solutions within ourselves.  If you are looking for extra support and guidance through a current difficult or challenging situation, or you are just feel the need to pursue a different direction in your life, I look forward to assisting you in your efforts to achieve your goals.

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